F01 Optimal Systems – Set up GK, File Server, Assign Service Delivery Manager & Consultants with commissions
F02 Issue Appendix 1 to Client Provisional baseline for review
F03 Process Appendix 1: Client Sign off Contract officially ‘in-scope’
F04 Optimal Issue LoN to Supplier from GK Send Letter of Notification (LoN) from GK requesting NDA and key contact from SuSpDpMlier
F05 Exchange NDA & Store Supplier Contact Add Supplier contact(s) & role on GK. NDA received, executed & stored on GK
F06 Issue Contract Request Email Issue Contract Request Email from GK to Supplier
F07 Process Contracts Store contracts on GK & notify assigned Optimal consultants
F08 Create CQ, SQ, EQ©, EQ(S) templates Store the Supplier & Client Questionnaire (SQ)(CQ) & Evaluation Questionnaire (EQSD) Mon GK


F09 Kick Off Workshop: Client Intro, Methodology, Next steps Consultant Kick off Workshop Agenda: Client
F10 > Process Kick Off Workshop: Client Meeting notes, meeting actions to Client via GK Consultant Kick off Workshop Agenda: Client
F11 Issue CQ & EQ © Issue Client Questionnaire (CQ) & Evaluation Questionnaire (EQ) Client ©
F12 > Process CQ & EQ © Store on GK & File Server
F13 Kick Off Workshop: Supplier Intro, Methodology, Next steps
F14 > Process Kick Off Workshop: Supplier Meeting notes, meeting actions store on GK
F15 Issue SQ, EQ(S) to Supplier Issue Supplier Questionnaire (SQ) & Evaluation Questionnaire (EQ) Supplier (S)
F16 > Process SQ, EQ(S) Store on GK & File Server
F17 Keyman research (KR) Client & Supplier: store on GK
F18 Supplier Due Diligence (SDD) Financial report & analysis: store on GK
F19 Contract review (CR) Contract gap analysis & key clause review, store on GK
F20 Audit report (AR) Triangulate Client, Supplier and Contract financial data
F21 Market Intelligence Report (MIR) MIR & Benchmarking: store on GK


F22 Prepare Interim Report Analyse, action & integrate AR, CR, CQ, SQ, EQ©, EQ(S) into Interim Report
F23 Interim Report Presentation Workshop Highlights of Supplier Review Process & Proposed Deal Choreography
F24 > Process: IR Presentation Workshop Meeting notes, actions & IR revisions: store on GK
F25 Interim Report Workshop – sign off Secure Client Sign off via GK or store on GK
F26 Issue Interim Report [Final] Circulate to key stakeholders
F27 Re-issue Appendix 1 sign off Revise baseline (if required): store on GK


F28 Execute Deal Choreography Execute as per signed off Interim Report
F29 Re-issue Appendix 1 sign off Revise baseline (if required): store on GK


F30 Issue LoRT to Supplier from GK Letter of Revised Terms (LoRT) confirming secured savings from Supplier
F31 Handover to Client procurement/legal Handover the LoRT and contract terms to the client procurement/legal team


F32 Appendix 1 Final Sign Off Final savings secured & Optimal fee sign off
F33 Supply Purchase Order to Optimal PO to include in Optimal invoice
F34 Issue Optimal Invoice Issued with Client PO & Appendix 1
F35 Issue Final Report: Confirmed Savings Interim Report expanded with negotiation highlights, key learnings & savings
F36 Optimal Systems – Close Down Change GK Status, Archive File Server Folders